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Portland: 503-774-1776
Gresham: 503-667-1010
Hillsboro: 503-640-5559

Open on Saturdays! 9:30-5:00pm

For 23 years Woodstock has been building strong relationships with the community in the Portland Metro area. Woodstock has also developed strong relationships and partnerships with other health professionals; these relationships have allowed the clinic to offer varying types of treatment to each patient the clinics serve.

Woodstock’s mission is to help each and every person heal who comes in to one of the clinics. Each clinic prides itself in sustaining a reputation for providing high-quality service with personal attention to individual needs. The doctors and staff care and listen to each patient’s needs, which allows them to treat the patient in a fashion that works best for them. Each patient is asked to talk about their concerns openly, whether they are about health, work ability or the effects of the injuries on their personal life. Woodstock does not only want to treat the injury but help make sure each patient leaves the clinic feeling better than they did before the accident.

The doctors and staff’s first concern is to relieve each patient’s pain and help the body heal properly without the need for drugs or surgery. The clinics practice the theory, “treat the cause, not the symptoms.” The doctors want each patient to receive quality care, by treating the cause and not the symptoms. Each patient will see their body heal and become healthier. The clinics offer comprehensive treatment plans with a commitment to quality. The doctors and staff are here to help not only the patient but their family and friends as well. They are caring, experienced, honored to serve and available when you need them most. Everyone is welcome at Woodstock and the doctors are ready to help relieve your pain just as they have been for the past 23 years.

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