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Let’s talk about keeping your immune system strong now and once our lives return to “normal”. Water, diet, and sleep are important in maintaining a strong immune system. Make sure you are drinking lots of water. But don’t include that morning coffee or tea. It doesn’t count, unfortunately. Getting more vitamin C in your diet helps your body fight off germs you come in contact with. You can supplement with vitamins but you can also add some more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Aside from oranges, yellow peppers, kiwis, and kale are good sources of vitamin C. While many are out of work or working from home, you may have developed some bad sleep habits. Go to sleep and wake up at a regular time to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Speaking of working from home. Don’t bring your laptop to the couch to work. Use the desk or kitchen table even. You don’t want to be slouching or reclined back. We are here to help while we are all adjusting to these changing times! Have any questions or need to make an appointment? Just give us a call.

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