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Portland: 503-774-1776
Gresham: 503-667-1010

Open Mon, Wed & Fri 9-7, Sat 10-2, Closed Sunday

Should we have any concerns regarding the coronavirus, we will post them online. Otherwise we are open as usual and taking every precaution to insure our patients’, staff’s and the public’s safety.

These precautions include a thorough deep, daily cleaning of our clinic 2-3 times every day, disinfecting before and after patient care (as always), and requiring staff members to stay home if they show signs of illness such as fever, cough, flu or cold symptoms.

In this time, we are frequently checking the Oregon Health Authority website for up to date information and following instructions from them and the CDC (centers for disease control).

Woodstock Chiropractic is here to support you and we will give you all the care and compassion we are known for, so you won’t be alone. Please don’t hesitate to call us.

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