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Do you know what your blood pressure should be? Knowing your blood pressure is important and could save your life because people with high blood pressure rarely have symptoms. Your blood pressure is made of two numbers a systolic and diastolic. Normal systolic is 120 and normal diastolic is 80. A systolic blood pressure of 140 or higher is considered high blood pressure and a diastolic of 90 or higher is considered high blood pressure. So, 120/80 is an average “normal”. However, eating healthy and engaging in frequent exercise weekly, can keep your pressure lower than normal, while still at a healthy reading.

In the October issue of Dynamic Chiropractic Magazine it was reported that a new study shows both blood pressure and pulse rate were lowered after specific chiropractic adjustments. Blood pressure decreased approximately 7 percent and a significant decrease was noted in pulse rate. The doctors at Woodstock Chiropractic understand that adjustments can benefit you more than just your back or neck pain!

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