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Portland: 503-622-8172
Gresham: 503-406-4475
Hillsboro: 503-549-4876

Open on Saturdays! 9:30-5:00pm

Binational Health Events (BHE) is one of the largest mobilization efforts of federal and state government agencies, community based organizations, and volunteers in the Americas to improve the health and well-being of the underserved Latino population living in the United States and Canada. It encompasses a month long of series of health promotion and health education activities that include workshops, insurance referrals, vaccinations and medical screenings. BHE fosters community solidarity through the extensive mobilization of existing resources and the organization of volunteers working together for a common goal. The events are coordinated by networks forged among agencies and community organizations with the purpose of reaching out the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people, especially those without medical coverage.

Main Health Fair
●Date: Saturday September 24th, 9am—3:00pm

●Location: Beaverton High School 13000 SW 2nd St, Beaverton Oregon 97005
The health fair will take place in the Cafeteria Commons Building.

Services Provided include:
*Free Dental Services for Adults
*Vision for Adults & Children
*Blood Pressure
*Immunization for Children
*Flu Shots for Adults
*Sealants for Children
*Community Resources

This year we are expecting 400+ people attending. It’s one of our biggest event of the year!

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