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Portland: 503-774-1776
Gresham: 503-667-1010

Open on Saturdays! 9:30-5:00pm

Woodstock Clinic Care Services

Woodstock Chiropractic Clinic is known for their work in providing patients with treatment for automobile accidents and Workers’ Compensation; however, the clinic offers many other services for their patients, such as: Massage Therapy – this service relieves tension and pain in muscles, increases flexibility and can help rid your body tissue of lactic acid and …

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Patient Testimonial

Every day someone is in an automobile accident or is hurt on the job, the problem with these types of injuries is that they sometimes go completely untreated or the injury is mistreated and the patient continues to live a life in pain. Woodstock Chiropractic Clinic prides itself in providing the correct treatment for those …

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