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Woodstock helps celebrate Bienestar 30th Anniversary

Hillsboro, ORE. – [March 23, 2012] – Bienestar, a Washington County nonprofit organization, celebrated 30 years of service on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at the Walters Cultural Arts Center in downtown Hillboro. Woodstock Chiropractic Clinic was the presenting sponsor of the 30th Anniversary Celebration. Bienestar has been providing affordable housing, resident services and programs for …

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Virginia Garcia: A Community Partner Story

When Dr. John Platt first heard about Virginia Garcia, he was intrigued.  “I did my homework and read the story about the little girl who lost her life,” said Dr. Platt.  “I was very touched.  Her untimely death has given so many others the opportunity to get health care.” Dr. Platt and his partner, Dr. …

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